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This little theater Rococo style miniature will be the perfect object to enhance your interior decor.  This item is made in France from reconstituted wood, stained and varnished by hand in our workshop in Compiègne.

Available in shades, brown, yellow, pink and blue.


Artist: Helen Bourch


This miniature theater, a wooden paper toy, imbued with a rococo aesthetic, evokes the spirit of the painters Fragonard and Hubert Robert. The trompe l'oeil details reflect the delicacy of the rococo style, while the cut-out decorations of ruins immerse us in the richness of 18th century paintings. The miniature figurines, dressed in period costumes, recall the lively and libertine characters in the gallant and pastoral scenes of Fragonard's works. The carefully integrated light effects create an authentic theatrical atmosphere, inspired by the neo-classical scenes of Hubert Robert. This mini theater thus embodies a charming fusion of rococo art, the classicism of history and play, transporting spectators to a bygone artistic era that is so present.





Toy Theatre Pompadour “The Ballad”

  • Dimensions:

    H: 170mm D: 115mm L: 150mm

    Weight :


    Theater Pompadour accompanied by

    11 decorative elements


    Made in France

    Non-contractual photo


    This product is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

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