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This classic-style reconstituted wood miniature evokes the heyday of the Belle Époque, capturing a hunting scene. Explore this diorama made in France, perpetuating the tradition of paper characters and theaters. The “La Chasse” decor harmonizes perfectly with the “Pompadour” model. Immerse yourself in the soundscape of hunting horns and horns, galloping through the Compiègne forest. Let yourself be carried away by this immersive representation which pays homage to the elegance of hunting with hounds and French cultural heritage.


Artist: Helen Bourch


This scene is made up of 10 elements representing trees and forest animals, such as deer and wild boar. There we also find the huntsmen or pickers on their horses, accompanied by the pack of dogs.


Hunting more than a tradition:

Hunting, an ancient form of hunting, unites riders, dogs and game. Practiced since the Middle Ages, it requires discipline and respect for traditions. The huntsmen, dressed in traditional outfits, use hunting horns to coordinate the packs. The goal is to pursue game, often a deer, with equestrian elegance and canine coordination. This hunt is carried out without firearms. Its centuries-old heritage persists in Compiègne, celebrating the alliance of man, horse and dog in the pursuit of game.


Deer or saint?

Saint Hubert, the patron saint of hunters, embodies the fusion between faith and passion for nature. His legend dates back to the 7th century, when, while hunting, he had a sacred vision of a cross between the antlers of a deer. Converted by this experience, he gave up hunting to devote himself to God. Its symbol, the cross between the antlers, became emblematic for Catholic hunters. November 3, his feast day, brings together the community of hunters in homage to this saint, symbol of faith, protection and respect for nature.


A castle on the horizon but which one?

Pierrefonds Castle, located in the eponymous commune in France, is a splendid medieval fortress restored in the 19th century by the architect Viollet-le-Duc. An imposing silhouette erected in the heart of the Compiègne forest, this majestic construction embodies flamboyant Gothic architecture. Built in the 14th century by Louis d'Orléans, the castle was transformed into a royal residence under Napoleon III.

Toy Theatre Pompadour “The Hunt”

  • Dimensions:

    H: 170mm D: 115mm L: 150mm

    Weight :


    10 decorative elements included with the “Pompadour” theater

    Made in France

    Non-contractual photo


    This product is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

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