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This miniature in reconstituted wood with a baroque taste and made in France perpetuates the tradition of the characters  and paper theaters. The “Venice” decor is compatible with the “Pompadour” model.


Artist: Helen Bourch


The curtain opens on a setting of Venice which instantly transports the viewer to the narrow streets and winding canals of the city of the Doges. Buildings with delicately cut facades display Baroque architecture, with elaborate details that evoke the artistic richness of the era. Light and shadow play in which the characters' costumes appear, recreating an atmosphere worthy of 18th century Venice.
The actors, dressed in flamboyant commedia dell'arte costumes, mingle with the masked crowd of the Venetian carnival. Here, Pantalone, Harlequin, Pierrot and Colombina perform graceful dances and exuberant pantomimes of the Italian tradition.

The masks cast mysterious shadows on the walls, while the gondolas move silently between the canals, places of  Casanova's most secret intrigues [...]


Inspiration :

Canaletto, whose real name is Giovanni Antonio Canal, is an 18th-century Venetian painter, famous for his vedute, precise and detailed urban views. Born in 1697 in Venice, Canaletto gained international fame for his exceptional skills in capturing light and atmosphere in his paintings. His works, often characterized by linear perspectives and minute architectural details, feature scenes from Venice and other European cities. Canaletto was also recognized for his technical skills in depicting reflections on water. His paintings influenced artistic perception of architecture and perspective, leaving a lasting legacy in art history.


Toy Theatre Pompadour “Venice”

  • Dimensions:

    H: 170mm D: 115mm L: 150mm

    Weight :



    Made in France

    Non-contractual photo


    This product is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

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