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Artisan-manufacturer, we offer a repair service for damaged objects. Specialists in traditional tin alloy figurines, over the years we have developed unique expertise in France. Before any operations, we establish an estimate in order to determine precisely the level of restoration necessary for the damaged piece.

Restoration of an alloy figurine

The figurine does not need to be always restored to a new state. Indeed, a successful restoration consists in restoring the homogeneity of the object while preserving its identity as well as its ancient aspect.

The action must be as limited as possible to ensure the best compromise between solidity and authenticity.


New materials

The art of the figurine has undergone an upheaval since the arrival of polymers and plastics, making the creativity of artists limitless. We strive to find solutions to restore the most beautiful appearance possible to your collectibles, whatever the original materials. To this end, we work with a network of some of the most competent professionals when our direct intervention options no longer allow us to meet the needs of the restoration with sufficient stringency.

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