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About FIGURART - the collections workshop

Welcome to the FIGURART website, a unique art workshop, created in Compiègne by Helen Bourch, an artist passionate about miniatures and specializing in the painting of statuettes and effigies more commonly called figurines.

paint brushes

As a French manufacturer of figurines driven by passion for our profession and more particularly for the art of miniatures, we use all our know-how in the creation of exceptional pieces.

Our workshop has an experienced team dedicated to the figurine tradition. Determined to create the most beautiful objects, we put our expertise at the service of creating unique works representing the History of humanity through the most classic and atypical subjects.

We pay careful attention to detail because we believe that is what sets a brand apart. banal mass product of artistic crafts. For each face, each fold of clothing, we strive to faithfully restore the details and characteristics of these miniature sculptures through rigorous engraving work drawn with precision in order to capture the very essence of the character represented. Once the initial stage of model making is completed and cast in pewter; a noble material, known for its durability, we apply the final paint which will give colors and originality to the object.

Artisanal excellence is at the heart of our approach and each step of the process is carried out carefully in order to offer this superior and exceptional quality so sought after by connoisseurs wishing to enrich their collection of unique pieces. Thus, demonstrating our commitment to our national and international customers, our quality productions are exclusively manufactured in France in Compiègne, a city known for its heritage and the dioramas of its figurine museum.

Our catalog grows and diversifies regularly over time, offering a range of characters from reproductions as well as historical inspirations or even comic strips and imagination, which will delight collectors and lovers of art and curiosities.The materials we use in design are carefully selected for their quality and durability. We want our figurines to stand the test of time and be able to be passed down from generation to generation, retaining their shine and beauty like the "tin soldiers" and toys of old.

Whether for individuals or professionals, FIGURART  represent much more than just objects; works of art embodying passion, precision and creativity, they transport those who contemplate them into a world where imagination comes to life.

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Helen Bourch

Miniaturist artist

Helen Bourch, a painter from Minsk and adopted French, embodies the very essence of international artistic talent in the service of “Made in France”.;  With experience as a decorator and painter, she founded  FIGURART in 2021

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Toy Soldiers & old figurines

Restoration of tin-lead alloy figurines

It is not necessary for the figurine to return to new condition. Indeed, a successful restoration consists of restoring the homogeneity of the object while retaining its identity and its original state.The action must be as limited as possible in order to guarantee the best compromise between solidity and authenticity. It is often difficult to know the alloy used to make old "lead soldiers", as many workshops such as Vertuni, CBG-Mignot and Lucotte have used very different manufacturing methods.

New materials: Resin and plastic

The art of figurines has undergone an upheaval since the arrival of polymers and plastics making the  unlimited creativity of artists. We strive to find solutions to restore the most beautiful appearance possible to your collectibles, whatever the original materials. For these purposes we work with a network of among the most competent professionals when our direct intervention options no longer make it possible to meet the restoration needs with sufficient standards. Whether collectible statuettes, comic strip figurines, comics or even museum reproductions, never undertake hasty restoration yourself and trust Figurart by contacting us to avoid any action irreversible!

Museography & Shops

Personalization is at the heart of our business. Each creation is shaped according to the desires and precise specifications of our clients, whether they are a nationally renowned museum, a private museum, cultural institutions or even passionate collectors. The workshop thus becomes the link between the client's vision and the expertise of the craftsman, creating objects that embody the singularity and authenticity of a unique heritage.

The art of casting and reproducing works is a complex ballet where creativity meets technicality, and where every detail counts. In our Compiègne workshop dedicated to  the duplication in resin, plaster, and tin the object transforms into a faithful witness to  the original work.

The process begins with careful observation of the model. Each curve, each relief, is scrutinized with precision before proceeding to the next steps. Once the part is cast, the work has only just begun; It will be necessary to trim it, remove the moulding lines and sand it in order to remove all traces of the process not found on the original.

bust of napoleon in bronze patina_edite

Then comes the time for brushes and colours. Patina and imitation are subtle arts requiring both creativity and observation. The tints of bronze oxidation or stone ageing are recreated by successive layers of pigments mixed with shellac or acrylic, in order to reproduce the wear linked to the action of nature. Thus, we make the fake authentic, the new aged, conveying the beauty of times past for the delight of lovers of antiquity and fine arts.

We do not neglect the importance of packaging and gift boxes, which we have the ability to personalize according to your items. Whether for modern or antique pieces, our creativity has no limits, but above all it is our expertise which guarantees optimal protection, thus avoiding any damage during transport.

At Figurart, we attach particular importance to eco-responsibility. We highlight French cardboard manufacturers and limit the use of non-degradable materials as much as possible. Our commitment to sustainable practices is reflected in our approach to packaging, favoring simplicity and elegance, we always adapt our packaging to the specific needs of places of sale and product presentation

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