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Collection "The Queen"

The “The Queen” collection is intended to be a miniature tribute to the British royal family. This series of metal figurines, sculpted and painted in the spirit of English toy soldiers, embodies the modern charm of the toy and traditional historical representation.

Discover the majestic universe of “The Queen” collection by FigurArt.
Immerse yourself in the refinement and nobility of the royal family through our unique series of pewter figurines, meticulously crafted and hand painted in France.
Each piece in the “The Queen” collection is a true little work of art. celebrating the heritage of British royalty.

Rediscover Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in a new light, accompanied by her corgis and wearing her outfits  colorful and iconic, faithfully reproduced. Each figurine is a souvenir of the memorable and significant moments of his long reign.

Charles Prince of Wales, who became Charles III since his coronation on May 6, 2023,  is also celebrated with a figurine in a wool coat embodying his personality and his role within the monarchy as well as his attachment to tradition.

Alongside Charles, you will find the Duchess of Cornwall who became Queen Consort, Camilla, whose gentleness and modernity brought a new dimension to royalty. We do not forget the late Duke of Edinburgh who is also honored, immortalized in all his nobility and presence with his Scottish kilt.

And that's just the beginning!

Our collection will continue to grow to include other prominent members of the British monarchy, creating a comprehensive package bringing together history, art in a tribute for all enthusiasts of the Royal Family of Great Britain and the Commonwealth .

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