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Art dolls - Art dolls

Nathalia Voroszko is an artist passionated about her profession, working according to her inspiration. When she perceives a spark of life, a look, an emotion, she knows that she is about to give birth to a new personality. Each doll is a unique adventure, an artistic exploration guided by intuition and creativity. The emotional connection between the artist and his work gives them depth and authenticity.

Nathalia only uses noble materials such as lace, silk and precious embroidered fabrics, sometimes old, sometimes new. This choice underlines the designer's commitment to excellence. The best materials and the most beautiful decorations are selected to create dolls that aim for nothing less than to make us dream. Each doll thus becomes a unique and rare piece whose authenticity is guaranteed by the hand of the artist.

Redhead doll

Artistic dolls, commonly referred to as "art dolls", are not just toys but true works of art. These expressive creations are born from Nathalia's imagination, harmoniously merging sculpture, painting and sewing to give life to enigmatic characters, a reflection of ancient times but imbued with a certain modernity in the expression of their faces.

Art dolls are highly valued and respected by collectors and doll enthusiasts around the world. Exact reproductions or inspiration from original works, these dolls are designed with care and love of detail. From mohair hair to glass eyes with implanted eyelashes, from elaborate costumes to antique jewelry, each element is carefully chosen to achieve artistic standards of excellence.

The method of manufacturing these dolls is based on the practice of sculpture as well as sewing where each step requires attention to detail and patience. The artist uses a varied palette of materials such as polymer tabs, cotton fabrics, silk, taffeta or lace, and sometimes even recycled elements. Each doll is shaped with elaborate details by hand, each finger of her hands, each carefully chosen color reflects the rich taste of the costumes of the court of Versailles or the illustrations of popular life in old Paris. Sewing becomes an extension of the doll's soft body made of foam and stuffing, dressing her in clothes from head to toe. Accessories made from crochet or miniature objects define the distinctive personality of each piece.

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