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Owls & Owls

Since ancient times, the owl has fascinated men. The Greeks revered it as a symbol of wisdom, an attribute of the goddess Athena. In ancient Rome, she was associated with the goddess of the night, Nox. In the Middle Ages, it became a symbol of misfortune and death. However, the Renaissance rehabilitated it, linking it to knowledge and knowledge. Artists represented it in their works, while writers inspired it in their poems. Today, the owl remains a symbol of mystery and wisdom, illuminating our nights and our minds with its piercing gaze.

Traditional manufacturing for a mythical bird

For its many admirers, the owl embodies symbolic qualities such as wisdom, protection, and even magic. As the messenger of the night, she represents the mystery and knowledge hidden in the darkness.
Collectors often look for rare and original pieces to enrich their collection of animal sculptures. These owl figurines, made in France, offer a variety of choices to satisfy all tastes, from the most classic to the most modern. Whether in a realistic or stylized style, each sculpture reveals the unique personality and character of the raptor.
Making our pewter owl figurines is a meticulous process that combines art and technique. To begin, the sculptor first creates a prototype or wax model of the animal, drawing inspiration from photographs.
Then the silicone mold is used to pour the molten tin metal. This casting process is delicate, as care must be taken to ensure that the metal reaches the correct temperature and is poured precisely into the mold to avoid air bubbles or imperfections. Once cooled, the metal takes the shape of the owl, retaining all the details of the original sculpture.
After casting, the pewter figurine is removed from the mold and carefully polished to remove burrs and marks associated with the process. This step requires great manual skill to preserve the fine details of the sculpture while ensuring a smooth, shiny finish.
Once the figurine is polished, it can be patinated to give it a natural color and texture. The patina is then applied using various techniques, using chemicals or through the use of natural pigments, to create aging or textural effects on the surface of the figurine.
This collection of pewter owl figurines is the perfect gift for art and nature lovers, capturing the essence of these majestic birds of prey while preserving it in the precious metal of pewter.


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