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Discover our patinated pewter owl figurine, a symbol of wisdom and mystery. Finely crafted, this artisanal piece adds a touch of elegance to your decor. Perfect for collectors and nature lovers.

Traditional pewter work is an ancestral craft, allowing the creation of unique pieces with precise details. The process begins with melting pure tin, followed by casting into molds formerly made of stone and nowadays made of silicone. Polishing pewter gives it a distinct shine, highlighting the beauty of the metal with its warm, silver-like reflections. Whether as a gift or for your interior decoration, the Figurart collections offer a multitude of animal subjects, both classic and elegant.


SKU: 2208
  • Height 43mm

    Pewter Owl Figurine 95

    Artist: Michel Laude / Nicolas Seailles - ARTEBOUC

    ref: 2208

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