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Once there was a workshop ...

Our history

...In the beginning a passion

FIGURART the collections workshop was born from the meeting between the History and the crafts. Creator of figurines and miniatures we develop objects around specific themes intended for the general public such as collectors in order to promote the heritage alive and culture.

Our products aim to enhancement places and tradition by offering ranges made custom made in order to meet the requirements and peculiarities of our partners.


Helen Bourch, a painter from Minsk and French by adoption, embodies the very essence of international artistic talent in the service of “Made in France”. Having traced her path since her studies in design and applied art, passionate about the arts, she discovered miniatures before specializing in them.

Based in Compiègne, Helen devotes her talent to enriching historical and cultural heritage. By merging her academic know-how with new technologies, she creates astonishing and atypical objects which demonstrate a harmony  possible between tradition and modernity; French elegance.

Locally made...

Installed at Compiègne in Oise we have our own workshop design and a network  of French artisans in order to offer a wide range of solutions. If all our projects are designed on site, we favor as much as possible the French production in order to guarantee a requirement qualitative but also greater flexibility towards our customers while limiting the impact on environment by choice and traceability materials used.


Specializing in the creation of figurines, that is to say small-sized sculptures on all subjects as well as miniatures in wood or resin, we develop partnerships with historical places wishing to offer their visitors quality products to moderate price.

Thus, we hope to promote and participate in the transmission of both small and large History by transcribing through our creations as faithfully as possible, the unique identity of a local and universal heritage.

We talk about us !

Local, national newspapers and reports
Screenshot 2024-02-29 220412.png

Compiègne: from the Musée des Invalides to the boutiques of London, Figurart figurines are being snapped up

Benjamin Zerbib and Helen Bourch created their figurine manufacturing workshop in Compiègne, after Covid. The couple designs miniatures with great care and sells them to collectors, museums and even foreign shops.

ByStephanie Forestier 

September 11, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. in thePARISIAN OISE


In this figurine workshop in Compiègne, everything is made by hand

The Figurart workshop is a dive into the world of miniatures. A couple of artists have launched into this ancestral know-how and export their pieces to museums and specialized boutiques, in France and abroad.


August 14, 2023 in theCOURIER PICARD


Figurart: the figurine as a transmitter of knowledge at Compiegne

From Paris to Chillicoth, via London, the art figurine workshop based in Compiègne was able, in 24 months, to conquer museums and high-end boutiques. He will be present at the Made in France trade fair in Paris from November 9 to 12.


ByBenoit Delabre

November 7, 2023 inTHE OISE GAZETTE

FRANCE 3.png

This couple of figurine creators tell the world in miniature for the biggest museums in France

Benjamin Zerbib and Helen Bourch have been restoring figurines and making their own creations in their workshop in Compiègne for more than two years.


With Victoire Panouillet / FTV© Quentin Gilles / France Télévisions

Written by Anas Daif

Published on 05/11/2023 at 08:00 inFRANCE 3DGION HAUT-DE-FRANCE OISE

Figurines, talent down to the millimeter

An extraordinary world made of thousands of figurines. A fun universe for enthusiasts like Helen and Benjamin. Let's leave this museum in Compiègne to join their workshop, because from this common passion their profession was born.


byThe editorial staff of TF1 | Report: Jean Chubilleau, Sophie Hernandez

Feb. 23 2024 at 13:37 inTF1 INFO 1 p.m.

Five exhibitors from Oise at the Made in France show from November 9 to 12

[...] Participating in the Made in France Show is, however, something new for Figurart, a Compiègne company specializing in the manufacture of high-precision, high-quality metal or resin figurines, sold in museums or in boutiques. Helen Bourch and Benjamin Zerbib were asked by the Chamber of Crafts and Trades to try the Parisian adventure. “We will present our manufacturing process and sell figurines including a collection created for the occasion, on the theme of the French cancan. This participation is a way of making our young company known more widely.”[...]

November 2, 2023 at 9:00 a.m. |By Dominique Lapeyre-Cavé InTHE AGRICULTURAL OISE

Report from Dec. 13 2022 by EXPLORE COMPIEGNE

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