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Welcome to our gallery - shop of hand-painted miniatures in France. This collection is a tribute to the great masters while offering art lovers a unique opportunity to own a piece of art history within their collection. Find reproductions of Picasso, Quentin de la Tour, Van Gogh, Vermeer, da Vinci and Monet or even order your own personalized miniature painting.

Treat yourself to the painting of your favorite master by ordering a personalized miniature reproduction. Helen, our expert artist, will work closely with you to define the specifications. You can choose from a varied range of frames and small easels to present your work.

A brief history of miniature art

The art of miniatures has a rich history that begins in the Middle Ages, with the illuminations of religious manuscripts. Copying monks created small illustrations to decorate and explain sacred texts, using precious pigments and gold. In the 14th century, with the Renaissance, the art of miniatures underwent significant development. Artists began to reproduce secular works and develop more sophisticated techniques.

In the 16th century, Hans Holbein the Younger became famous for his portrait miniatures at the English court, establishing a tradition that would endure. In the 17th century, in France, Jean Petitot distinguished himself by his enamel miniatures, renowned for their finesse and liveliness of colors. In the 18th century, miniatures experienced a golden age with artists like François Dumont and Rosalba Carriera, who popularized the use of ivory as a support, allowing details of incredible precision.

The 19th century saw a decline in the popularity of miniatures due to the advent of photography. However, some artists continue to perfect this art, such as Russian Vladimir Borovikovsky, who incorporates classical influences into his miniature works.

Today, the Figurart workshop, with artists such as Helen Bourch, perpetuates this centuries-old tradition. Each miniature is hand painted, capturing the essence of historical masterpieces in a reduced format. Figurart combines ancient techniques with modern innovations, continuing to fascinate and enchant art lovers. This delicate art, rich in history, remains a precious testimony to the mastery and passion of artists throughout the centuries.

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A living tradition

The Figurart workshop perpetuates the art of miniatures, an ancient tradition which combines technical mastery and refinement. Each piece, painted by hand, faithfully reproduces works by famous masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt or Monet. The artists, notably Helen Bourch, devote meticulous attention to detail, applying every brushstroke and shade of color with remarkable precision. This approach allows you to transform a small surface into a faithful replica of large classic canvases.

The miniatures created by Figurart are unique and made with care and patience, making them valuable to collectors and art lovers. The workshop offers the opportunity to commission custom works, allowing you to own a scaled-down, personalized version of a beloved masterpiece. In France, this artistic tradition continues to live on thanks to the expertise of Figurart artisans.

The hand-painted miniature by Helen Bourch and her team is not just a reproduction; it is a link between the past and the present, connecting generations through art. Ordering a piece from Figurart means not only acquiring an art object, but also contributing to the preservation and transmission of our artistic heritage. These works combine history and technique, testifying to an art that continues to fascinate and enchant. Specializing in miniature painting, Figurart offers unique and bespoke works, capturing the details of historical scenes and immortalizing the masterpieces of the masters with unparalleled expertise.

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