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Within the British monarchy, the prestigious role of page is assigned to young nobles, dedicated to serving and assisting the sovereign. Nowadays, pages are frequently chosen from children close to the royal family or from royal cousins. Their investiture occurs on major occasions, such as the coronation ceremony of Charles III on May 6, 2023 at Westminster Abbey. These pages all dressed in scarlet red and gold parment, have the privilege of participating in the procession, escorting the royal couple through the nave of the abbey. The king and queen, draped in heavy cloaks, followed by a long train, are carried with honor by the pages. Alongside King Charles III, his grandson, Prince George of Wales, was listed among these pages as the Prince of Wales' eldest son and heir apparent to the throne.


The two pages are a complement to the royal couple. Immortalize this historic moment by adding to your collection these two figurines from the coronation pages made in France by FIGURART.

Charles III and Camilla figurines sold separately!

Pages from the Coronation of Charles III

  • Hand painted pewter figurines measuring approximately 50mm. They are delivered in a box and protected by tissue paper.

    Height: 50mm

    Weight ~70g

    Non-contractual photo.

    This product is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14!

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