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Discover our superb pheasant figurine, made in France in tin alloy in the style of old lead figurines. Every detail is meticulously hand painted to offer striking realism while retaining the traditional appearance of old toys. This pheasant figurine fits perfectly into the world of our hunting collection, capturing the beauty and majesty of this iconic wild bird.

The pheasant is a common inhabitant of the national forests of France, and its recognizable silhouette with colorful plumage makes it a remarkable addition to any hunting figurine collection. Add this unique piece to your figurine collection and bring a touch of nature to your windows.

pheasant figurine

  • 20mm high figurine made from hand-painted pewter alloy in France. Delivered in its box elegantly protected in tissue paper.

    Weight ~ 15g

    Non-contractual photo.

    This product is not a toy and is not suitable for children under 14!

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