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This brown bear figurine in pure pewter, created in France, combines finesse and authenticity and will delight collectors of animal art.

Traditional pewter work is an ancestral craft, allowing the creation of unique pieces with precise details. The process begins with melting pure tin, followed by casting into molds formerly made of stone and nowadays made of silicone. Polishing pewter gives it a distinct shine, highlighting the beauty of the metal with its warm, silver-like reflections.

Whether as a gift or your interior decoration,

the ARTEBOUC collections offer a multitude of animal subjects, both classic and elegant.

The brown bear ;

Brown bears (Ursus arctos) are fascinating creatures, found in North America, Europe, Asia and even parts of the Arctic. Sporting a coat ranging from light brown to black, they are distinguished by their imposing size, some reaching 3 meters in height. Opportunistic omnivores, their diet varies between berries, fish, insects and small mammals. Brown bears are also solitary, except during the breeding season. Although often feared, they play a vital role in the balance of ecosystems by regulating animal populations. Their survival, however, is threatened by habitat loss and climate change, requiring active conservation to preserve these magnificent creatures.

The Bear

  • Pewter bear figurine 95

    Artist: Michel Laude / Nicolas Seailles - ARTEBOUC

    ref 411 412

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