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Scenery - Hunting at Pierrefonds

(sets only - theater not included)


Creation : Helen Bourch


Set of 10 elements to recreate a hunting scene.

These accessories are only compatible with the Theater - Marquise de Pompadour (not included).

This item is made in France from reconstituted wood stained and varnished by hand in our workshops.

Available in brown, yellow, pink and blue.


Non-contractual photo


This product is not a toy and is not suitable for children.

Scenery - Hunting at Pierrefonds

  • This theater set inspired by hound hunting in Pierrefonds and Compiègne immerses you in the majestic ambiance of nature, where every detail is meticulously created to capture the very essence of this centuries-old tradition. The charm of the forest, the moving riders on their galloping horses and the agile dogs tracking the game to give a rural and forestry touch to your interior decoration.

    Hunting in Compiègne is much more than just a pastime. It is an experience where every element converges to create a living picture of grace and determination. At the center of this practice is the horse, noble companion of riders dressed  of the elegant uniform of their crew.

    The sound of the hunting horn echoes through the forest, announcing the start of the hunt.

    The dogs, like track artists, lead the dance. The trappers guide with expertise, and the spearmen wield their spears with precision. The majestic deer and the robust wild boars become the protagonists of this epic, navigating through the dense vegetation. The stalk is a symphony of movement; an ode to nature, led with harmony by skilled riders.

    At the heart of this pictorial scene lies the majestic Forest of Compiègne, silent witness to each hunt and each victory. Nearby, the Château de Pierrefonds, with its imposing Gothic architecture, adds a magical dimension to this hunting scene.

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