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This splendid figurine of a horsewoman in a side-saddle is made by Figurart in pewter alloy and painted by hand in our workshop in Compiègne. The tradition of toy soldiers often represented scenes of venery and the art of horse riding that is riding an amzone.

“ride sidesaddle”

Horse riding in the side-saddle position, also known as "Amazon style", is an equestrian discipline that stands out for its elegance and tradition. Originating in European equestrian culture, this method of riding has its roots in ancient history, dating back to the Amazons, legendary warriors of ancient Greece.

The main characteristic of the Amazon position is the posture of the rider, who balances in the saddle with both legs on the same side of the horse, while the opposite leg is extended forward. This arrangement offers a particularly stable and secure seat, allowing the rider to concentrate more on communication with the horse and on its movements.

On a technical level, the sidesaddle position requires precise control of the rider's body weight and aids. The reins are held in one hand, while the other hand remains free.

This discipline also requires good coordination between the body aids, legs and hands, in order to obtain fluid transitions and harmonious movements of the horse.

Riding in the sidesaddle position offers a unique experience for both rider and spectator, combining grace, tradition and equestrian skill. Although less widespread in modern competitions, it remains a practice appreciated by enthusiasts of equestrian history and classical style.

The Amazon costume:

The side-saddle rider's costume is designed to combine functionality and aesthetics, reflecting the historical heritage and practical requirements of this equestrian discipline. It generally consists of a short fitted martial-inspired jacket and a long skirt, offering freedom of movement and an elegant silhouette in the saddle. The high leather boots provide adequate leg support and a good grip on the stirrups, while the leather gloves protect the rider's hands and provide a secure grip on the reins. Aesthetically, the colors and patterns of jackets and skirts can vary, but are often coordinated to create visual harmony with the crew colors. Accessories such as hats and ascots complete the traditional amazon ensemble.

Sidesaddle rider

  • Tin alloy figurine hand painted in France, delivered in its protected box and tissue paper.

    Height: 90mm

    Weight ~ 230g

    Non-contractual photo.

    This product is a collector's item and is not suitable for children under 14!

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